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Why I am a User Advocate

I call myself a User Advocate because I care about making websites easy to use, not just on the front end but also in the ‘back’ where you manage the content – i.e. where you do the talking to your customers.

As a User Advocate and a website developer, I build websites that are meaningful for end-users and easy to manage for website owners.

Your website is one of your most important marketing tools. It has to support your marketing strategy and your tactical decisions. I make websites that are extremely easy to add or adjust marketing components to keep pace with your business goals.

Michael Keara, @useradvocate

Drupal Developer Support for Agencies

This responsive website was built by Michael Keara for the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto, Canada.

Over the last few years I’ve acted as primary Drupal web developer for various design agencies. These projects were a great opportunity to work with top-notch designers and take on new Drupal development challenges.

Of course, as a User Advocate I always keep my User Experience expertise engaged as I build websites. To support content managers, I have designed and built 'visual content management systems' that allow non-technical users to easily keep track of large numbers of content items.

UX Leadership

Slide from Michael's Keara's presentation "Intentional Site Building" 2014 Drupalcamp Toronto.

I have presented at numerous Drupalcamps and at two international Drupal Conferences. My main emphasis is on 'Outside-In' website building. This approach has the potential to radically shift the web development process. Take a look at my videos to see just how far this can go.

Outside-In Website Building

Slide from Michael Keara's 2013 Drupalcamp Keynote presentation "Building a Meaningful Web"

Outside-In website building is more intuitive for non-technical users because that's how they see websites - from the outside!

I've used the concept of 'Outside-In' to create a framework of tools that sit on top of the Drupal 8 CMS platform. I call it 'D8-SBS'. It makes website building a natural and comfortable process. It's all based on the concept of Business Intent - what is the business purpose of all the website components. It's easier for site owners to think in these terms because that's their business! My Outside-In approach to sitebuilding just keeps in sync with the way you think about your content and interactions.

Note from Michael: I'm working on a new content section for this. Coming soon!

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